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Eksportief is constructed and developed, first and foremost, on the philosophy that the success of a sport event (planning and organising) depends on data accuracy and integrity.

As an event organiser, planning and budgeting for your next sport event, you should definitely consider Eksportief if you are looking for an on-line entry system that is:

  • Reliable, accurate and accessible at all times from any computer, cell phone or tablet with internet access;
  • Fast, efficient and easy-to-use for entrants and administrators;
  • Backed by professional administrative and technical support;
  • Cost-effective and without complicated price structures or hidden costs.

Did you know?
The Eksportief on-line entry system has an average 0.008% enquiry Vs. entries ratio. That is 8 enquiries per 1000 entries from entrants who experience difficulty using Eksportief to register for a sport event.

Eksportief is perfect for the following types of events:
  • Exclusively sport-related events and activities;
  • Single and multiple-day sport events;
  • Single and multiple-stage sport events;
  • Sport events that require solo or tandem entry capabilities;
  • Sport events that require club, team or school participation;
  • Sport-related workshops, conferences, seminars, presentations and exhibitions.
Eksportief’s price model

Important note: Eksportief clearly distinguish between events and activities. A single event (parent) may have many activities (children), but an activity (child) can belong to only one event (parent). For example: A running event may have various distances (activities) that you can enter for.


  • Marathon event
    • 50km Ultra Marathon
    • 21,1km Half-marathon
    • 4km Fun run

Eksportief’s price model is aimed at achieving economies of scale where there is a cost advantage towards the sponsor or event organizer when the fixed set-up cost is absorbed by a higher volume of entries.

This might sound like a complex concept, but it is by far more simple and very often more cost-effective than the very popular sliding-scale and percentage-based models.  Eksportief’s price model is so simple that you don’t even have to write it down. No package options, restrictions and hidden costs.

  • R4500 (ZAR) set-up fee per event, regardless of how many activities your event contains;
  • Upgrade your event to a featured event at an additional cost of R2500 (once-off). Featured events are listed in the "featured event" section on the Eskportief home page. Featured activities are also clearly distinguishable on the applicable sport event category page;
  • R7.50 (ZAR) per confirmed entry;
  • The event organiser has the option to self-manage event entries via the Eksportief event administration panel, or make use of Eksportief’s event entries administration service. See below for more information.
Technical support and event entries administration
  • Technical support is included in the set-up fee and covers the following:
    • Telephonic or e-mail support when a person experiences difficulty during the entry process;
    • “Know-how” system support for event administrators who make use of the event's control panel;
    • Collaboration between Eksportief and the event’s website administrator  pertaining to implementation and integration of entry forms on a third-party website or host;
    • Entry substitutions, swops and cancellations.
  • Event entries administration options:
    • Self-managed: No additional costs apply if the event is managed by the event organiser.
    • Managed by Eksportief: An additional administration fee will apply in the event where Eksportief manages and administrates the event entries. The event administration fee is volume-based and calculated at R1700(ZAR) per 500 entries for each month that the event is open to receive entries, plus an additional month after entries closed. A minimum of two months will be charged for administration services.
Payment processing and transfering of funds:

Eksportief offers the following payment options:

  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
    The bank account details specified for the event will depend on whether the event organiser administrates the event on-line entries, or whether Eskportief administrates the event on-line entries. If the event is self-managed by the event organiser the bank details for EFT payments will be that of the event organiser. If the event entries are managed by Eskportief it will be required that EFT payments be made to Eksportief's bank account in order for Eskportief to recon payments.
  • Secure credit card payments
    Eksportief uses the PayFast on-line payment processing system. In the event where the event organiser does not have a merchant account with PayFast, the default merchant account will be Eksportie's PayFast account. Eksportief charges a pre-calculated fee to compensate for transaction costs charged by PayFast. The credit card service charge has an override option that offers the event organiser the choice to either absorb the transaction costs, or pass the cost to the entrant (only if event organiser has its own PayFast account). All PayFast transactions and fees are recorded and is available in spread sheet format from the data export feature in the event administration panel. Please note that no credit card numbers and sensitive financial information is stored on the Eskportief server for security purposes.

In the event where payments for entries are received by Eksportief only two payments will be made to the event organiser. The first payment to the event organiser will take place half-way through the period when entries are open. The second payment will be made to the event organiser on the day that entries for the event closes and all payments are reconciled. For larger events more frequent payments can be arranged in advance.

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Main components of the Eksportief on-line registration system includes:
  • Public user interface
    • The most comprehensive event information platform that we are aware of;
    • Dynamic entry forms with auto-complete features for faster, easier registration;
    • EFT / Direct deposit and Credit Card payment options;
    • Automatic e-mail confirmations for entries received and payments received.
  • Administration interface
    • Multiple administrator user accounts for designated administrators of your event. A single user account can also manage multiple events and activities;
    • Overview statistics of the number of entries per event, number of entries per activity of your event, and number of entries per category for each activity of your event;
    • Dynamic tables with search and in-line update features for entries received and reconciliation of payments (automatic recons on credit card payments);
    • Real-time financial summary of amenities (logistics planning), fees and payments;
    • Full entries data export for all your events.
Your event gets optimal exposure

Assuming that you listed your sport event on Eksportief, your event will automatically qualify for the following additional benefits at no extra cost:

  • Your event and activities will be included in the Eksportief index for upcoming events and also within the applicable sport event category;
  • All sport events have social network sharing options, making it easy for visitors to share your event information with their friends and circles on Facebook and Google+;
  • If you haven’t created it already, Eksportief will create a Facebook and Google+ event for your event;
  • Event information pages are optimised for indexing on search engines like Google Search and even contain popular #hashtags for your event, making it easier for your intended audience to find and enter for your sport events and activities;
  • Press releases and articles related to your event will be published in Eksportief's article section. Articles related to your event will also appear on the event information page of your event.

Did you know?
According to the American National Eye Institute, Nearly 10% of men and 0.5% of women are affected by colour blindness or colour vision deficiency. Eksportief considered this fact when we designed our entry forms, ensuring that form elements are clearly visible and that there is a clear distinction between form elements that are turned on (selected) and turned off. Ever wondered why so many male entrants register as females when entering for an event on-line?

More fantastic features of Eksportief’s on-line entry system
  • Recommended accommodation:
    Although Eksportief does not offer the capability to make real-time accommodation reservations as part of the event entry process, it does present the event organiser with a dedicated space where recommended and preferred accommodation establishments can be published.
  • Google maps for directions:
    No more hand-drawn maps. Assuming that all activities for a specified event might not have the same starting location, we have enabled GPS location and Google maps for each activity listed for your event to make sure that participants arrive at the right place at the right time.
  • Number collection instructions:
    For sport events that make use of race numbers. The number collection instructions and additional notes sections are also included in the copy of the automated entry confirmation e-mail. If this does not apply to your event it can simply be disabled / hidden.
  • Proper presentation of entry fees:
    No room for error and guessing what it will cost for your entry. Entry fees are properly displayed for each activity and category. If the early-bird discount option is enabled the discounted fee will appear next to the standard base fee (optional).
  • Prizes and rewards:
    A complete section for each activity that displays the prizes and awards that are up for grabs. If you don’t offer any prizes or awards this section can simply be disabled / hidden.
  • Promote your sponsors:
    Most events rely on sponsors to provide sufficient funds to make things happen. Eksportief gives you an opportunity to list and link your sponsors’ logos, and also distinguish between your title sponsor(s) and event sponsor(s).
  • Support your charity(ies):
    Eksportief allows you to include the charities you would like to support. There is a section for more information about the charities supported by your event. These charities, once added, will automatically appear on the entry form where entrants can specify how much they want to donate during registration. The committed amount specified will then be added to the total amount of the entry and will also be included in the payment instructions.
  • Transport tickets:
    Some events offer transport options. Simply specify your available transport options and prices, and your participants will be able to order transport tickets during the registration process.
  • Meal tickets:
    Specify your menu options and prices to include meal tickets in the entry form of your event. All that needs to be done is to pack the meal tickets in the goody bag – it has been paid for during registration.
  • Storage tickets:
    If you present an event with storage facilities like lockers or bike parks, you will be delighted to know that you can add storage options to the entry form. Whether the storage is free or paid for is for you to decide, but you will know exactly how many lockers or bicycle storage racks you need to order.
  • Do you know how many pro-athletes have entered for the event?
    Eksportief included this on the entry form and it proves to be a handy tool when you have to write your pre-race press release and mention a few pro-athletes by name. Also very useful if you want to set up a VIP section for pro / seeded athletes and teams.
  • License required:
    Most sport disciplines require athletes to be licensed with a governing body. If an athlete does not have a valid license it is often required that the participant acquire a day-license or temporary license in order to participate in the event. Eksportief’s on-line entry system has this feature built in already and you can simply indicate whether a license is required or not.

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Benefits of using Eksportief’s online entry system:
  • Reduce the number of e-mail and telephonic enquiries about your event:
    No other on-line sport entry system that we are aware of will offer a more comprehensive and informative presentation of your sport event and activities. By presenting participants with as much information about your event as possible you will deliver yourself from tedious phone calls and emails from participants who need information about your event. Spend less time answering phone calls and e-mails, and more time focusing on planning and organising a successful event.
  • Plan your sport event successfully:
    The information structure for an event to be listed on Eksportief often provides a road map for things that still need to be planned and organised in order for your event to be complete and successful. Although the Eksportief on-line entries system does not offer you step-by-step instructions on how to organise a sport event, it can be a fantastic compliment to your existing event strategy and marketing plan.
  • Manage your event entries from any location at any time:
    You may be a participant registering for an event or an event administrator who needs to manage your event. Eksportief is a cloud-based system that can be accessed from anywhere in the world at any given time by means of a computer, tablet or cell phone that has internet access.
  • Real time data and reports:
    With every entry that takes place the data and reports are automatically updated. No delays and batch processing procedures. Simply log in to your event management account and see what the status quo on your event is. You can even access the data and information regarding your event for up to three months after the event expired.
  • Display your event information and entry form on your own website:
    Your event is well presented on Eksportief, but you might have the need to integrate your Eksportief event with your own website. Eksportief can provide you with a short piece of html code that you can place on any page in your website where you want the information and entry form to appear. This will not only display the information in your own website, but it will also be custom branded to match the corporate identity of your website.
  • Always know what’s going on, even if you don’t have time:
    If you want to the full picture of what is happening on the entries side of your event you will have to log in to your event manager account. But, if you couldn’t find the time to do that you will find a daily summary report in your email inbox to give you a quick glimpse – and don’t worry, we will only send it after 08:00AM.
Event organisers that used Eksportief like it because:
  • It is quick to setup and open for entries. Completing the setup process for an event depends to a large degree on the availability of the information provided by die event organiser, but on average takes approxamately 24-48 hours to complete;
  • Information about the event is complete and comprehensive;
  • Full access to the entries data and it can be exported to Microsoft Excel;
  • It has visual impact and simply looks great!
  • Daily back-ups and product support provides a sense of comfort;
  • Event statistics is always current and accurate;
  • The event administration panel is easy to use;
  • The information presented makes the logistical planning of an event easier.
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